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第五课 粒子加速器束流测量诊断系列课程

Author:USPAS LecturersSource:USPAS

04, USPAS2017:束损与设备防护 - Beam Loss and Machine Protection

03, USPAS2010:加速器短束测量诊断 - Measurement and Diagnostics of Short Bunches in Accelerators

02, USPAS2009:加速器与束流诊断 - Accelerator and Beam Diagnostics

01, USPAS1995, 2013 束流实验物理学 - Experimental Beam Physics

04 Course Materials - UC Davis - January 2017

Beam Loss and Machine Protection

course given by Rudiger Schmidt and Jorg Wenninger, CERN; William Barletta, USPAS/Fermilab; Doug Curry, Oak Ridge National Lab; Maxim Martchevskii and John Seeman, SLAC

Lectures given by William Barletta:
Interactions of Radiation with Matter

Lectures given by Jeff Eldred:
Review of Accelerator Physics Concepts

Lectures given by Maxim Maxim Marchevsky:
Protection of Superconducting Magnet Circuits

Lectures given by Rudiger Schmidt:
Beam Dynamics and Beam Losses for Circular Accelerators
Beam Loss Induced Damage Mechanisms and Their Calculation
Reliability and Availability of Machine Protection Systems

Lectures given by Jorg Wenninger:
Beam Cleaning, Collimation and Beam Absorbers
Beam Transfer and Fast Kicker Magnets
Machine Protection and Operation for LHC

Lecture given by John Seeman:
Indirect Damage Due to High Intensity Beams

03, Course Materials - MIT - June 2010

Measurement and Diagnostics of Short Bunches in Accelerators

course given by John Byrd, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

02, Course Materials - University of New Mexico - June 2009

Accelerator and Beam Diagnostics

course given by Willem Blokland, Tom Shea and Alexander Zhukov, Oak Ridge National Lab; John Byrd, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Uli Raich, CERN

Course Materials by Willem Blokland:

Course Materials by Tom Shea:

Course Materials by Uli Raich:

Course Materials by John Byrd:

Course Materials by Alexander Zhukov:


01 Course Materials - Duke University - January 2013

Experimental Beam Physics

course given by Ying K. Wu, Stepan F. Mikhailov and Hao Hao, Duke University

01  USPAS1995 Introduction to Beam Physics  by Martin Berz

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